Sweet Protection Switcher MIPS Black


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No day will be too hot nor too cold

A helmet especially constructed for covering your head up and keeping you protected both on the coldest winter days and for cooling you off while doing high intensity slush riding on a sweet spring mission. By only one simple turn on the one-turn dial system, you can easily adjust the 20 vents on the helmet to regulate your heads temperature. Let the hot air stay or go as you find it comfortable and find your most preferred temperature to ride and play all day long.

Winning the ISPO gold award makes the Switcher helmet beyond groundbreaking and on top of its class of highly ventilated high-end helmets. Sweet Protection won the award for the best innovative technology development. Being a versatile all-mountain helmet, the Switcher offers optimal protection in a lightweight, low volume, hybrid shell package, which sits comfortable on your head and is easy to adjust, this helmet has all the features your looking for in an all-mountain helmet. The helmet is also Audio Ready, meaning you can add Audio Chips to the earpads that lets you listen to your favorite music while playing.


Sweet Protection

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