Thermic Set Heated Sock + S Pack 700 Bluetooth 42-44


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  • Comprising high-tech materials and the full range of X-SOCKS® technology features, the Therm-ic PowerSocks heated sock guarantees effective distribution of heat to the whole of the foot during outdoor winter activities

  • Socks

  • ● Heat transfer system for optimum circulation
    ● High-tech X-SOCKS® material composition
    ● Anatomical design for a perfect fit
    ● Xitanit™ fibre to keep the feet warm
    ● Imperceptible heating elements on the outside
    ● Easy attachment of batteries to the sock
    ● Optimised integration of the heating elements for a guaranteed long life
    ● Washable up to 30° C


  • With the S-Pack 700 Bluetooth battery, you can control your heat remotely using your smartphone.


    ● Bluetooth function
    ● Warm feet for up to 8 hours
    ● Pack comes with a USB charger
    ● Wall charger not supplied