Custom Boots Fitting - 100% Guarantee!

At Snowbound our friendly staff are trained to provide quality, comfortable and great fitting boots.

On the boot fitting floor we have professionally trained and qualified Ski and Snowboard technicians, ready to serve and offer professional recommendations and stable advice.

Custom Options

Custom Liners and Footbeds

Fischer Vacuum

We offer a variety of options for your new boots or to extend the life of your existing boots.

The first stop in skiing control and comfort is a fully custom made foot bed, these ensure proper support for you feet and better alignment in your boots.

From the famous Zipfit liners created by boot guru Sven Coomer to Sidas Foam Injected Ski Boots & the mold-able Intuition Liners.

Improve comfort and optimise your performance by these liner upgrades

We also have a vast array of boot fitting tools on hand to make your boot fits just right.  All work is done on the premises by our experienced staff.

We have the only Fischer Vacuum machine in Sydney.

This thoroughly modern process ,Fischer Vacuum Fit technology makes it possible for the first time to adapt the shell of the ski boot completely to the anatomy of any foot.The Fischer boots are using up-to date boot designs to make the most out of the modern skis.

By heating up the boot shell to 90°C and then using a combination of a compression pad and air pressure, the boot conforms to the exact contours of your foot, giving you a perfect fit.

We highly recommend this process for difficult & problem feet, those not really designed to wear ski boots and also those people looking for the best boot possible.

Cold Feet – speak to us about your options.
We offer Therm-ic Heated Socks, Boot Heaters and Preheated Salomon Boots.

As part of our boot fitting service, we offer every customer a 100% Guarantee on all our custom boot-fitting! Any after-sale adjustments (whether it is re-moulding, boot expansions, grinding, etc), are done at no additional cost!

Don’t hesitate to pop in for a browse or call (02) 9417 4111 to make an appointment; we are ready and willing to give you the best boot fitting experience in town!