Kastle TX93




Kastle’s TX touring range have been benchmark models for several years, touring skis that are light enough for efficient skinning uphill and that offer superior downhill performance.
Skis that are reasonably light yet strong and reliable however far you venture into the backcountry.
Kastle updated the TX range last season and the new skis feature an innovative new carbon-fibreglass wound paulownia woodcore.
With it’s more centered contact points and rather short turning radius, we were afraid that Kastle had softened the character of the TX series that we liked so much. The geometry certainly makes these easy to turn, but we were relieved to find that the flex remains very firm and we keep that contact with the snow for which Kastle is reknowned. The TX93 flexes throughout the length of the ski, with none of the hard points we sometimes find on skis with a paulownia core and a titanium plate underfoot. The TX 93 really hugs the turn and we keep that brand-specific alpine ride.

The new shape doesn’t necessarily help skinning performance where straighter skis will do a little better, but when it comes to feeling on the descent it’s a real bombshell.
Complete with a phosphorescent tip, the new TX93 is a mountain touring weapon, just the right width to do everything in all snow conditions with a rare level of efficiency, and always that superb touch of snow that few ski touring manage to have. The Kastle TX93 series has a bright future ahead of it!!



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