Stockli Laser SC


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The Stöckli Laser SC is a versatile high-performing piste ski. This is a ski with different ski modes. Charge or cruise, whatever your mood is. It can carve short and long turns on all slopes at all speeds, that is what the Laser SC was made to do. Built with a mix of technologies you will find in the Laser GS and SL. No basic ski but a high performance ski for the versatile piste skiers.

Supplied pre-drilled with MC12 bindings and a choice of either Speed Plate or Freeflex Plate.


– Shape: 123-72-104. Radius 11.1 (149): 16.2m (177).

– TRT – Torsion Racing Technology: Lengthwise cuts at the tip and tail provide more control and tolerance. The ski does not react overly aggressive at the beginning and end of the turn.

– SST – Sandiwch Sidewall Technology: The ski is built up layer-by-layer, with each layer glued

SME – Solid Metal Edge: Stöckli has started incorporating wider edges in all of its ski models. This not only extends the lifetime of the ski, but it also pays dividends for ski rental services, where the material is subject to particularly harsh use. In addition, the exceptionally robust materials and a clever design protect the ski surface against scratches and damage.

– TSS – 3.0 Top Sheet Structure: New surface on the LASER models. Combining three different textures, the skis gain a unique, classy and athletic look. Every ski is unique.



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149, 156, 163, 177